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Written by: Markus Ellington

(12,000 Words)

As Christians, many of us may wonder why the Church is so divided on Earth. If it is such that God is One and His Spirit is singular, then why do so many acting in His Spirit disagree and dispute with one another?

In reading through the pages of this short work, the reader is provided with essential insight into the spiritual matter of this problem. As the reader continues, they will also further understand the simple yet challenging solution to this spiritual matter, themselves. Such that, they may be made most equipped to see in clarity the true walk Christ called for all of us, not only simply to best serve God but to also best know Him as well.


A Quick Word to the Reader

As the author/blogger, I hope you find the prepared work well-written, well-thought, and well-communicated. Furthermore, I hope you find the essential messages of this book to be highly consistent with the love and wisdom from our Father up above. As well, I hope you enjoy your journey through this material finding it informative, encouraging, and inspiring. So then, if you like what you are reading, please hit the LIKE button at the bottom of the page and SHARE the message!!!

However, if you feel otherwise, please let me know where you disagree. As Christians, we are all called to bring up each other, so I always welcome the opportunity to be better refined in His knowledge.

Thank you very much for your time and God bless.




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A Christian Spirituality © 2018 Markus Ellington

5 thoughts on “HOME PAGE

  1. As a writer myself — and since you asked — one thing I feel you really need to work on is the text on the back cover. It is extremely wordy and repetitive. The message is good … it just needs to be condensed to make it more powerful.


    1. I see because highly inclusive communities, social justice, and the love everyone thing is all pretty much the same? I will definitely look over it and probably make some changes over time. Another thing, I was kind of vague about the meat of the books specific messages. Would you consider that misleading or standard for a back cover?

      Thanks for your thoughts!


      1. Let me put it this way … exactly what are you trying to accomplish through this book? Can you write a single sentence that outlines your goal(s)? Being “vague” is not going to sell your book. You need to tell potential readers how their lives will improve by reading your book.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey, Thanks for reading! I would love to hear your thoughts on what I have written. If I messed up some grammar, this is also a good place to let me know. Please leave a comment and let me know what you are thinking. Your thoughts are important to me, and I will give a great deal of consideration to them.

    Thanks again!


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