Science, philosophy, and pitfalls

The problem of science is often times that it only has one thing it is looking for. We know with religion the problem is confirmation bias. However science is not that much different. The bias of science is that everything makes sense. This means that it will use their encyclopedia as a bible which omits the things that don’t make sense. Simply put science only lauds what confirms its bias. If something exists without an explanation science will come up with the most rational explanation and say “see it makes sense.” However this is confirmation bias. They really only look for things they can add and quantify… Now I don’t disagree with the scientific model. It’s pretty dam objective and is our best tool for knowledge. It’s that I get a bit upset with the piety of supposed scientific philosophers. They may as well have a church and sit on their knees while drinking grape juice from a gold challace by a terribly flawed human in white robes… As we know in quantum physics half of the universe makes sense and the other half does not. Nothing in life fits into one box, and that is the problem with any ideology so egotistically derived….. True understanding comes with accepting the self and the whole in union. The self representing our bias and the whole representing what is beyond ourselves. The union is what happens when we accept both, which is why scientifically constructed models for reality are often highly flawed and terribly suggestive.

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