Just thinking out loud about a Christian group concept that doesn’t suck

So I have been getting a bit fed up with churches and religious people a lot. I read the gospel, and I think to myself do these people even read the bible? Perhaps there might be something wrong with the sociological persuasion and manipulation which happens in the church environment? Peehaps there may be some conflicts of interest between the clergy and the parishioner? Hmmm i don’t knooo…

Though I personally settle myself in the area of thought that religion itself is an obstacle to a true spiritual relationship with God – even that the bible highly affirms this. I still do identify as Christian while assume other religions are trying to lead people in their own way to the same spiritual outcome… You know, the “God is Love” thing kind of makes me not a bigot.

Either way, to get to the point, I have been thinking about a group concept which can help reverse the tide. I would like it to be more generalized because I am focused on things like societal collapse and the like… but what I came up is “Spiritual Christians Against all Religious Rituals and Exploitative Dogma” or S.C.A.R.R.E.D. …

Just a little F.Y.I. on how I view these terms

S – Spiritual

Pertaining to a quality that is at least significantly above our corporeal experience of reality.

C – Christians

Though I would like to downplay religious titles here, I just think its this particular set of people who would most advocate the specific cause of this group.

A – Against

As in, not for ☺

R – Religious

Pertaining to a mode of thinking that is purely subjective, biased, and closed-minded, which clearly succumbs to cognitive dissonance when challenged with opposing yet factual information. Not limited to theistic beliefs and cosmic models. Any one who is fully sure they know the unknowable.

R – Rituals

Any scripted act or pre-determined ceremony in which performing is supposed to have some spiritual benefit or reward. These are highly manipulative and take advantage of people’s willingness to go along with the group. I shouldn’t have to say any more.

E – Exploitive

Making use of a situation or treating others unfairly in order to gain an advantage or benefit. As in using ordination or some position of power purely for one’s own individual gain. i.e. “because I am a man of God, the more you tithe, the more blessed you will be…”

D – Dogma

By definition “a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true.” I think we know we shouldn’t EVER believe someone who says something is true when they don’t have absolute proof to verify their claims. Selfish people aren’t that sophisticated, they just want to feel important. Again though, not necessarily limited to Christianity and religion.

I am still working on everything, but this endeavor is not an inconsequential one. One of my most unique solutions for future security is in fact related to the idolatry of our current churches. By the way, idolatry is a word purely defined by the Bible – not me. It’s just so strange how in the process of denying their own faith, they do so much harm to themselves and others! So then helping more and more people engage in the highly socially constructive teachings of Christ would be very beneficial to the world. It would definitely curtail the insane zealots and devisive nature of christian practice – though some may become a little more irritable as well.

Even still, I think there are a lot of people who feel scarred by bad religious experiences and their insane rituals (I might refer you to the term indoctrination)… but they still identify with Christianity. Perhaps there are at least some non-Christians who are simply opposed to the societal harm caused by religious and bigoted thinking. We share the world and people who get damaged by these institutions tend to promote a litany of socially corrosive traits like bigotry and piety.

Ultimately this would give us a community totally different than all that is wrong with our dark-ages church communities. Among its members, it would have to have no hierarchical authority structure – good Lord – except perhaps in a secular sense. Meaning principled heavily on checks and balances.The objectives would be to simply help promote things like peace, love, and tolerance into the community. Individuality and diversity would be fully encouraged. People would be accepted not judged. We are who we are, human and flawed but always wanting and working to get better. Furthermore we look for ways to legitimately help others get better. Open to all, heaven forbid, scientific insight. Spiritually focused on internal satisfaction over external satisfaction. Open to wisdom found in all religions. Collaborative and integrative. Ultimately it would be essentially a secular based organization that believes in making significant positive changes in the world. Sort of instead of talking, self-exaltation, manipulating people, and posturing this group concept would be about doing what’s right through a spiritual perspective. Most importantly though it would be principled against group-think, homogeneity, and conformity being bonded by a more intangible thread – a common purpose to bring healing to our communities.

Hmmmm more to think about I guess. This is a hard problem to solve. I really want to get away from religion, but this church problem seems it can only be justly solved with religion.

thx for listening ☺

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