The Need for Cooperation in Religion

The weakness of Christianity is the strength of Buddhism, and the weakness of Buddhism is the strength of Christianity. That is all I need to know about world religion, and all I need to know about God. Humanity needs to overcome – not their beliefs to become a melting pot of belief – but their desire to be selfish. God is a God of love and as long as humanity did not love they would be at war even for things there should be no war for.

You see, if Christ taught Christians the way to true self-control (like Buddhism) He would have justified His status as God. However all He taught is what actions we must do… Although I will say this in defense of Christ, if you have absolute faith that His teachings are absolute one would follow all His teachings to the letter fully educating their own self upon them.. Regardless how would it be through love and not fear?

Nonetheless, I fully appreciate the bible’s sense of justice. I get the hellfire is extreme argument, but I have seen a lesser hell much like our own world which is much more compassionate. It’s not heaven, it’s not obvious torment, it’s just this life forever. So I believe there is a finality to this life. What we reap is what we sow. Hence judgement.
So then, If we respect both religions we have a better chance to follow into the afterlife to its highest potential. If so there even is actually such a thing.
Even still, I trust in God and I trust in all the history he has allowed to happen. If His truth is at least divided between two religions then more is probably divided between more religions. Humanity just chooses to suck and that is the only cause of division among us to agree upon the boundary of an infinite being.

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