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–   I have put together many short chapters into a book to help express my thoughts on Christian faith. Faith in truth and following in the truth of faith are really two of the most important things for me, so hopefully you will find some interesting thoughts shared on here we can talk about. Feel free to jump to any chapter and give a read. you can find what I have written by continuing to scroll down, or by scrolling up to the top right and selecting the menu tab. For even greater convenience, you may also simply view or download the PDF version through the following link, Christian Spirituality: Genesis and Supplementation.

 –  Overall my goal is to help inspire peace, cooperation, justice, and community in the world, because I believe in God and what He can do through us if we come together like He calls us to do. There is certainly nothing more I would like to see than the beautiful world He set out to create from the beginning. As part of my outreach, I am going to freely give out copies of my book. I do have an income which allows for me to fund this myself, at a modest rate anyway. However, if you wish to contribute to my outreach, I would greatly appreciate it as well. You can do so by clicking here: Donate. Doing so will allow me to give out even more copies and better reinforce the presented ideas in the world. For ways to get a free copy for yourself, please contact me through my e-mail @

   The more you understand me, the more you will understand my reasoning for authenticity and as well that I am not looking to financially profit in this endeavor. My true commitment is to help work towards building the world for the better – for myself, for you, and for all. I greatly look forward to our cooperation in this process!

–   With utmost gratitude, thank you for your time, and thank you for your support.

God Bless!

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One thought on “LOVE IS THE ANSWER

  1. Hey, Thanks for reading! I would love to hear your thoughts on what I have written. If I messed up some grammar, this is also a good place to let me know. Please leave a comment and let me know what you are thinking. Your thoughts are important to me, and I will give a great deal of consideration to them.

    Thanks again!


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