–   To start this chapter, I am going to start by first describing the rational dilemma which provides the rational basis to my proposed ministry. I will then provide the rational motivation, in what I have prepared, for why we should take a literal and objective view of Christianity. I will hopefully demonstrate a perspective on Christianity which is not only fully consistent with the Gospel’s teachings, but is also essential for every Christian to follow in their Christian worship.

–   First, let us explore the prisoner’s dilemma. This dilemma is one that assumes two prisoners are made to compete with one another. They are given two options where three different outcomes can ensue. Their two options are to either cooperate or defect from one another. In the case they both cooperate with one another, their sentence will be one year. In the case only one of them chooses to cooperate, the one who defects will receive no sentence, and the one who chose to cooperate will receive a three-year sentence. In the event they both defect, they will both receive a two-year sentence.

–   Naturally, it would be in both of their interests to cooperate. They would still have to serve a sentence, but they would be sure it won’t be either two or three. However, people have an innate bias to assume one, that they will be able to get the highest reward in serving no sentence and that the other will seek to do the same. They, in a rational sense, are driven to a lesser outcome than the optimal one, because they desire the maximal outcome, and they assume others do as well. However, underlying this rational motivation to settle for a less than optimal outcome, is a particular form of bias called systemic bias, and it is one that undermines cooperative behavior at the rational level of thought and action.

“In reality, humans display a systemic bias towards cooperative behavior in this and similar games despite what is predicted by simple models of “rational” self-interested action. This bias towards cooperation has been known since the test was first conducted at RAND; the secretaries involved trusted each other and worked together for the best common outcome” (Wikipedia, “Prisoner’s Dilemma”).

–   As this implies, we have our greatest opportunity in the highest level of cooperation. While we may think our ability to act is independent of our actions upon another, the reality is that in doing so, we fail to best serve our own best interest. In the event of the prisoner’s dilemma, if we assume the other will defect, they will naturally assume the same about us. This will inevitably lead to greater punishment. However, through objective reasoning common to all, we can begin working on a solution to this problem.

–   In particular, my solution is in an ecumenism that best leads to us overcoming this bias. Inasmuch as I see, our greatest solution to the most optimal form of civilization, can only be achieved through the individual rational adoption of deep-seeded faith in God, and that God is Jesus Christ. While this may seem like it is an absurd conclusion, further examination yields greater reason.

–   First and foremost, it promotes accountability to the objective nature of reality to the highest level. Truly, I cannot imagine how a moral person cares about if God is literal or not, as he should only care about ensuring accountability. In this, the idea of God personally provides this accountability equally to ourselves and others as well.

–   The idea of God as Jesus Christ further provides the basis of the Righteousness of God. Righteousness being an objective quality, establishes a common understanding and further pursuit of righteousness in our own deeds. In that, we seek the objective righteousness of God, such that we don’t become corrupted from objective reasoning by the immorality of self-deceit by selfish desire. As well, this foundation of faith, further supplements that we can trust in not only God, but in the idea of righteousness as fundamental to everything in existence, which can never be violated.

–   The idea of God as Jesus Christ as well provides the basis of God’s love. The act of Christ’s journey through life, and the ultimate sacrifice He made, is a sufficient source of inspiration that no man could realistically reproduce without great deception. The reality is, the idea of Christ is greater than the idea any man can reproduce for himself. Furthermore, that any man who attempts to supplant him, history and sociology provide us he will become biased to the admiration of those who follow him, and he will not be able to adequately demonstrate objective reasoning as a result.

–   The last reason is simply marketability. The cross is a symbol that many people identify with, because of the self-sacrifice of Jesus Christ. To attempt to build societal cooperation, many need to be integrated into the cause. Integrating millions into the cause is essential to fully demonstrating how powerful cooperative behavior, through objective reasoning and loving motivation, can truly be. What’s more, in the literal teachings of Christ, is the wisdom that underlies what is perhaps the highest form a just society can achieve as well. Inasmuch as, there are many expressions a truly cooperative civilization can achieve, but the further rooted in Righteousness and Love, the more it will be tyrannical.

–   For these reasons, I wholly encourage us to cooperate in this manner. In effect, we cooperate in the belief that the Bible is essentially the inerrant Word of God. As such, the Bible only needs the correct context, as determined by rational insight, to be accepted as truth. As well, I would encourage us to accept that the Holy Spirit is literal and therefore only guides us towards unity, never division.

–   In all these beliefs, our cooperation, as truly faithful Christians, can best allow us to build against the division in the world which undermines our optimum benefit in life, testify in the greatest testimony that Christ Was and Is, best secure our greatest future, and give the world its greatest ability to manifest the highest level of social prosperity possible. Now, even though I say it is rational to cooperate in this manner regardless of factual validity, I do because of personal account, in a very literal sense, also hold them to be true. Of which, I am highly motivated in this cause and solution. In regards, we only speak of what we know.

–   Furthermore, as we have concluded from the prisoner’s dilemma, we see, without the cooperation in the Holy Spirit to regard each other as ourselves, that the inevitable outcome for our world society will be a totalitarian One World Government dictated by the inferior bias of men. This is the natural fate of the world, and it cannot be challenged in any more effective means than in unity with Christ and His teachings. In fact, unity in Christ is our only solution, as all other solutions will be tainted by some innate bias. As such, we cannot invent anything that can solve this crisis, and we must cooperate in a universal and unbiased source material, such as the information we have been handed down in the Gospel.

–   So then, failure to truly collude in Christ, yields against ourselves and testifies that man has the right to govern our lives above anything else. For any Christian, this is denying Christ in the most fundamental way, and it is serving the self and the world instead. Therefore, I am compelled by reason just as much as I am compelled by faith to work towards the process of true Christian unity. I understand this will not be a readily accepted mission, especially in the deepest circles of Christianity, but my devotion is to Christ and the righteousness of God above all. It is not to people, except that it be in Him if so.

–   The structure of this ministry will be rooted in a more secular approach to the worship of God. Though it could be helpful to eventually establish a tax-exempt status, I do not envision using this information to form a church for a place of worship. As is, I fully believe that the highest worship is personal and strictly between God and one’s personal inner devotion of which is best done in private. Consequently, overcoming all sense of piety and glory among men will be essential for each member of the church body.

–   Therefore, we will find the greatest acts of worship to be found in how we silently worship God in our hearts, and how we demonstrate obedience to His will. We will therefore put first and foremost the teachings of Christ. We will refrain from putting others down and judging them. We will seek to build one another in the love Christ has demonstrated to us. We will never be perfect in the flesh, so we need to be forgiving of one another always. We are all called against sin, but the greater sin is in causing division in the body by judging one another as if we are fully free of sin ourselves.

–   Exactly how this ministry will grow over time will depend heavily on what those I collaborate with feel is important. I will not envision all the details, but I trust my cooperation with others will lead to greater ideas on how to mature this seed. Over time, the primary objective will be bridging the gap between each Christian, to move them to unity, and to testify to the world, in the most sincere and genuine fashion, there is much more truth to Christianity then the worldly or skeptical have supposed. For now, my objective will be gathering support, financial and social, and seeking to find and integrate as many of us who share in the crusade of faith and service. I will start then by promoting my supporting material to gain awareness.

–   Though of course I take a leadership role in supporting this outcome, the truth is I am not here to lead, but merely motivate. However, I am fully dedicated to the cause, and I am fully dedicated to serving the cause with the fullness of myself. To best ensure this, we will need a dedicated system of checks and balances that divides His authority among us, those of us who are not subjects to man but God alone. This way, we may all feel equally important in the pursuit of the highest attainable prosperity, which He calls us to work towards. Furthermore, in true cooperation, we may best safeguard our works and best ensure our work will always continue to mature.

–   I encourage you to visit my website, listed at the bottom of the back of this book, and get in contact with me if you wish. I will definitely admit that my studies are not truly rigorous enough to be fully applied without third-party review. This intuitive approach was truly an act to avoid being swayed by what might be another’s bias. While I am trying to identify the true and objective gospel, my work should be considered more of an arrow pointing to the fullness of the quest, not as inherently infallible in any sense. Surely, I may not be everything the world needs, but I hope to be enough to help ensure it gets everything it needs. Please be considerate as my consideration is for what is right and good.

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