Jesus said to her, “Everyone who drinks of this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again. The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” 

-John 4:13-14

   There can be no doubt, we always have a choice. Do we continue to feed the appetites of our flesh, which are never satisfied, or do we instead learn to feed the appetites of the Spirit, which are easy to satisfy? Insofar as, do we choose to remain as the worldly who are a prisoner to their flesh, or do we aim to become as the spiritual who are loosened from the chains of their flesh?

   Although some of us may not believe, the truth is that this empowerment of self, which is the means to freedom from our unyielding carnal desires, is always available for us to achieve. Truly, where we are willing to seek this truth, we will find this truth. As we see others who have obtained this greater state of self-expression, we even more so see in the most plain of manners how, through clear scientific evidence, our paradigms, habits, and desires are all – to some extent – malleable. This is true whether it be by our will or by the will of another.

   Consequently it is not a matter of what change we cannot make. It is only one of what change we will make. This maturation of self is only a matter of faith, will, practice, and perseverance, such as with the development of all skills. Naturally, where we can learn something through repetition and practice, we can also unlearn something through repetition and practice. As a result the slate of our mind is always being rewritten day in and day out.

   Accordingly, it is only in bondage to our flesh that we may be controlled to act in accordance with the suffering of our flesh, so we should thoroughly recognize the spiritually deprived state of the modern man. Inasmuch as, who among us would not prefer the more agreeable state of freedom from want? As the desires of the Spirit are few and easy to satisfy and the desires of the flesh are many and can never be satisfied, we must choose to live exceedingly against ourselves where we foolishly have many desires.

   As such, only through a worldly focus can we be kept so blind to not recognize our inherent freedom. As we collectively fail to see, the great majority of us will willfully submit to a lesser existence. However if we all were fully aware that we could obtain freedom from the insanity of selfishness, would we choose to live any differently? Surely if we are rational we would not willingly act in a way of life that causes so much suffering to ourselves, to others, and to the environments in which we depend upon for survival.

   We must then ask ourselves for what reason does the state of humanity abide – as an organism which can always change – in a perpetual state of self-destruction? Even in a world where we have enough to satisfy every basic need, we opt instead to fight against one another in egregious conquest. We even do this making our necessities harder to acquire all for things we merely want. What’s driving us then? It can’t be the will to survive, because we’re committing suicide in the process.

   If by all accounts it’s beyond a blemish by the hand of nature, perhaps it is even more, a force of nature instead. The more and more we maintain our recklessness in choice, the more and more we can conclude it must be a force rather than an accident. If then it is an undisclosed force, which creates confusion and isolation among us, then we may rightly call this force spiritual darkness. If so these things are true, we may say this world is wrought in this darkness, for the confusion and isolation in our world is dreadful, and it becomes more dreadful by the day.

   How then can we not see the burdens of vanity? A body is made up of cells which work together for the integrity of the whole and one another. However the things which make up a body that cause it and its cells it to die is not a member of the body.  In this regard we have to be very careful in how we balance out our lives and the impact we make with our choices. The more selfish we are the more we burden both ourselves and others; the more entrenched we are with the tangible, the more we burden both ourselves and others as well. Furthermore the more others are burdened the more they may, even more, burden us in return.

   By this, we may fully appreciate the value of a spiritual focus. Not only do we further open ourselves to the opportunity to receive greater peace and lasting happiness in our lives, but we also increase our social cohesion and environmental stability when we all share this focus. Accordingly we see the great difference between choosing self-centered desires over this deeper connection to life. In doing so we even more see how making a choice is the greatest thing we possess, and how it is often times the thing we are most willing to give away.

   Ultimately, where we don’t, as a whole, change and develop ourselves to become more than what the world would have us be, we elect the chaos of the tangible and finite to rule our lives. We say then, even though we know how little we actually know, what we think we know is what we consider to be all that matters. At the very least, we fail to secure our own fate. As is, in the process of choosing a more limited notion of self, we pay the opportunity cost of having the ability to choose something more, which is even more in our best interest.

– End of book – 

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