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Dear Reader,

Thank you very much for your time in reading my book! I hope the presented information was helpful, not just in your Christian journey but also in your spiritual one as well. That purpose is at the heart of this book, where its greatest objective was simply to help raise the spiritual awareness in our churches. In this task, I encourage everyone to help facilitate this growth in whichever way they can. If you happen to wish to support me in my specific efforts, please feel free to reach out to me.

Over time, I will turn the book into a fundraiser for certain (yet undetermined) community projects. So then for those who are interested, the greatest way at this time anyone can help support my personal individual efforts is by feedback, suggestions for improvement, their thoughts on the book, and opening up dialogue with me on the presented material. The best way you can do this is by commenting on the particular page/chapter in the section at the bottom of the respective piece. You may also find other means of getting a hold of me through following my contact link. 

Furthermore, if you find the material enjoyable please hit the ‘like’ button and share it with others as that is also a great way to help grow things as well. Overall, the more I talk with people about my work, the more I can refine it, and the more positive and effective I can make its impact become. In whichever way you wish to contribute to the success of this book, I will certainly include a ‘Special Thanks’ section in the final edition, for whoever would like to have recognition in the cause. Pseudonyms are also acceptable for this as long as they are appropriate.

Ultimately I would like to see these ideas and concepts, for personal and social responsibility, make an impact on the world. I really am not in this for worldly recognition and fully feel this is a spiritual venture, which I would feel most satisfied and best served working from a humble position.

Thank you very much once again, and thank you for simply reading through my written thoughts. However else you decide to help, I can’t imagine how any good work is ever in vain. In regards stay positive and continue always being a light to the world.


Markus Ellington

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