Examination of End-Time Prophecy

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My purpose here is to discuss the final prophecy made in several places throughout scripture. It is my hope to make clear what the bible specifically says will happen in the last days, and what one should expect if so things should take a turn in that direction in our lives. In doing so, I will explore the book of Revelation, cite some specific prophecies throughout the bible which are related, clarify certain events to expect during the tribulation period, pinpoint the likely timing of the rapture, use the word of scripture to reveal how it says the world will end, and talk a little bit about the conclusion of all scripture.

   As I do so, I will lean heavily on the Holy Spirit to guide me in the right direction for true understanding. Truly, what I aspire for the most, in this exposition, is that the reader might obtain, above all else, a better understanding of Christian eschatology (the events leading to end of the world). Hopefully the reader will also learn how to recognize the great signs the bible says will happen as the anti-Christ comes into power. Finally, after all of which, I would like for the reader to know how potentially close we are to something like these prophecies becoming a reality, as the world is rapidly approaching some form of resolution to its greatest issues within our lifetime.

   So then, throughout this section, I am going to focus on individual parts in scripture leading up to the bible’s ultimate conclusion. These sections will include the beginning of Tribulations all the way to the epilogue which ensues after this period. As I progress, I will explain my interpretations. All in all, I hope like iron sharpening iron, this section will increase your understanding in the manner mine has been increased through writing each word.

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