“A Christian Spirituality” searches deep within Christian scripture to identify and support biblical teachings which strongly facilitate practices that are socially constructive. As we live in a divided society with all sorts of self-caused problems, the intention of this book is primarily to endorse spiritual absolutes such as peace, community, tolerance, and diversity in the world around us, with a concentrated effort, to reduce all preventable and self-caused issues in the world around us. While the perspective taken in this specific endeavor is strongly that of a Christian one, this book only intends to study the bible’s teachings, and it is not aiming to assert any particular faith-based belief with an assumption of absolute certainty. Merely, this book is written by a Christian mainly for a Christian audience in hopes of increasing social justice and environmental sustainability throughout every aspect of our sense of community.

For the specific topics covered in this book, there are three major sections. The first section, titled “A Christian Narrative”, establishes the books spiritual ideology solely using the gospel as supporting evidence. The second section titled “Christian Authenticity” naturally seeks help us in our walk to be more and more Christ-like. Accordingly, in this section there will be a focus to enhance the Christian culture’s awareness by addressing the awareness of Christian individuals. In doing so, it will remain to strongly abide in the teachings of the gospel.  The final section titled “For the Church” relates the information of the first two sections in a few chapters written exclusively for a Christian audience.

Far beyond religious ideology, “A Christian Spirituality” is ultimately intended to focus on actions above all else, and its greatest ambition is simply to help improve the negative yet malleable conditions present at our current time. Therefore throughout these chapters, there will be an emphasis on a spiritual ideology – as opposed to a religious one – which helps the whole of the general public. In doing so this book will attempt to accomplish supporting the premise of diversity and also further enable unity in the process. Accordingly, this written work intends to lend motivation towards the greater objective for us, as a society, to knock down walls, such as ethnicity, race, class, and even religion, which further divide us in our universally desired hope to live in a better world.


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