–   Through my years dedicated to studying Christianity, I had much opportunity to shape my knowledge and understanding of Christian Spirituality. To help me document this process and what I was observing, I wrote a series of essays, which I would prune over time as my conceptions matured. In this, I didn’t start with an outcome for a book and never thought to follow its creation in a process which was mechanical. For me, it was essential for it to be a guided process.

–   For this reason, this short book has been in the works for several years at the time of publishing. It has had evolved as much as I have throughout its formation. In effect, it is written to contain my understanding of the gospel and act as a tool to further testify in regards to the presence of Spirit and spirit.

   While genuine intrapersonal faith is personal, every one us fully entitled to believe in whatever we choose without judgement by another. However, in contrast, interpersonal faith, wherever a faith is coerced or applied onto others, is not so similarly entitled. This is specific to when such faith, which is belief without requisite objective evidence, have negative consequences on the world we share.

   Though I in no way wish to challenge anyone’s personal world-view, I do find it paramount and essential to challenge all faith based views which do breach over from being purely personal, specifically those which cause harm in the world. It is thereby at the soul of this book to not only address harmful Christian interpersonal faith, but truly all harmful interpersonal faiths as well. Essentially, if nothing else, I wish to identify, isolate, and facilitate removal from the world both long-standing and/or devoutly held beliefs, which manifest harm, that are assumed and not supported to the level in which they must to be justified. Ultimately, though this book takes a specific focus, it’s objective is to lead towards a much more general one that has meaning to every person on the Earth.

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