–   Before beginning my studies into Theology, I was a third-year engineering student at the University of Colorado. When I began my higher education, my focus was on exacting the highest value I could out of my natural gifts in the fields of Math and Science. However, it turned out, the more I pursued these fields, the less fulfilling they became.

–   It was while begrudging down that path that I had my first spiritual encounter. It was so convincing and powerful, I knew the pursuit of which was something I could truly be passionate about. It was in 2015 when this happened. Since then, the study of which, has been my greatest focus in life.

–   Sure, there is much out there in the world of the supernatural, but for me the teachings of Christ become the most influential to me. As I pieced together the Bible to understand this phenomenon in which it describes, I put the greatest emphasis on being able to live the Bible as much as I understood it. To me, faith had to have that element of function, and that element of function required the experience of God.

–   Through my years dedicated to this study, I had many unique experiences that have helped shape my knowledge and understanding on Christian Spirituality. Most importantly though, I found much of what I was looking for. To help me document this process and what I learned, I wrote a series of essays, which I would prune over time as my intuition of the Spirit was developed. In this, I didn’t start with an outcome for a book and never thought to follow its creation in a process which was mechanical. For me, it was essential for it to be a guided process.

–   For this reason, this book has been in the works for almost 4 years at the time of publishing. It has had evolved as much as I have throughout its formation. In effect, it is written to contain my observations of the Spirit and act as a tool to further testify in the full testimony of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

–   I do recognize that faith is personal, but I hope that the reader can keep in mind that the thoughts presented in this book are all tested in living to the teachings of Christ to my fullest capacity. Inasmuch as, they are not simply thoughts and theory, but based on experiences based upon a highly dedicated walk with our Lord. While I surely do not claim to be inerrant, I do consider the following ideas to be of the highest approximation of His truth. Of which, the genuine pursuit of truth is fundamental to everything I submit for your consideration.

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