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Dear Reader,

I am sure that at the time I am writing this, many ideas and presented thoughts will not be very readily received. However, this is not a book which is attempting to affirm the present status quo. Furthermore, in considering people are very opinionated about what they believe, I absolutely wanted to do my best to side-step offending people. For this reason, I wrote this book in very humble and passive approach. This means please don’t look at these words as from an individual standpoint refuting anyone’s preferred individuality, but rather as a discussion for a collective to address.

Beyond deciding what is true for others, I simply wanted to offer my thoughts, through this vehicle, helping to address the many societal problems that can only be fixed by building stronger community and stronger communities. I could of maybe taken a more agnostic approach in the end, but downplaying the source of my inspiration was simply not something I felt was either necessary or appropriate. In the end, I hope the reader will fully understand Christianity is simply my personal and individual expression. In this, the overall work should not be seen as evangelical of a religious belief but instead as a work to help promote, in its own way, greater peace, justice, and security in the world.

To give you a little insight about the book’s content, the first section and the third section should be very consistent with scripture. In this they are intended to align with what the bible literally teaches – specifically about spiritual over religious practices. Instead of it being considered in the rigid sense of doctrine though, they should only be seen a writings which elucidate on what the bible teaches. In contrast the second section is supposed to focus more on the spiritual side of reality itself. In viewing the spiritual is above the tangible, it aims to deal with the intangible instead. Accordingly even thought constructs are tangible, so the focus tries to evolve from all systematic ways of thinking. In this regard, keep in mind the second section is a balancing act between religious ideology and a more ambiguous but genuine spiritual one.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed writing it, and thank you very much for all of your support. I am very open to discussion, so please feel free to contact me at any time.



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