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   Presently, the sole purpose of selling this book if for promoting the views within. In effect, the price of purchase is set at cost. In regards, if you wish to own a copy, you would provide a tremendous benefit in enhancing the world-clarity of the faith.

   To purchase a copy, you may do so by following any of the respective links. All transactions, at this time, are through Lulu.com. I currently do not sell any copies myself.


PDF – This version is always free to read and download. The most important task of this ministry is to communicate its understandings and beliefs to the world. For this reason, all the associated material is made free for the general public. The only request we make is, if you agree with the underlying messages, you help us in our mission by either donating or helping promote our material. Cost = Free

ePub – This version is created through lulu.com. It is downloadable and able to be read using any eReader application or software. Cost = $?


Standard Quality, Black & White Interior – According to Lulu’s guidelines, this book is printed to standard quality, and the interior ink is printed in black and white (cover is still printed in color). This means all the given scripture quotes will be in greyscale as opposed to red, like they are in the version with color. Cost = $?

Standard Quality, Color Interior – According to Lulu’s guidelines, this book is printed in the standard quality, and the interior ink is printed in full color. This means that all the scripture quotes on the inside of the book will printed in red and be most visible to the reader. As is, the book was written to be viewed in color. However, it doesn’t change the overall message, so this feature is fully optional depending on the preferences of the reader. Cost = $?

   If you do go ahead and order a copy for yourself, please let us know how your order turned out! If there is a problem with your purchase which is not the fault of Lulu, we will either issue you a refund through paypal (only option at this time), or we will fix the issue and send you an updated copy free of charge. Thank you very much once again and God bless!

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