–   The greater problem with this world is not how it lives outside of God’s walls, but more so how it lives within Satan’s walls. Accordingly what causes humanity his greatest strife is his obedience to the rules established by that which is otherwise to God – Satan. Inasmuch as one of the greatest ways the Father of Lies has humanity lead to confusion and conflict is through mankind’s innate desires for earthly attainments. Naturally then it would seem that the strings of Satan tie tightest to the hearts of those who, above all else, seek earthly satisfactions. As these strings are tautly wound, his control over those who are compelled by worldly temptations is near absolute.

Hell and destruction are never full; so the eyes of man are never satisfied.

-Proverbs 27:20 KJV

   As such, earthly and carnal passions are the primary motivations Satan inspires to misdirect mankind from truth. Consequently it is paramount for each of us to identify the tactics in which Satan uses to ensnare us with his hooks. In this, generally speaking, wherever we can see people in mass being led to their ultimate demise (vanity), we can rightfully recognize the architect of that system is most certainly the Adversary. Because the Son of Perdition’s objective is known, where he seeks vindication in man’s rejection of God, it is also evident what pertains to him. In this manner, where we can say the Lord acts in mysterious ways, we can simultaneously say that Satan acts in obvious ways.

   This truth then begs to ask, how so do we get everyone to become aware of Satan’s existence? For as much, it is only when this task is completed – the task of getting all people aware of the one who aims for their destruction – are we, as one, able to properly defend against the death he brings upon us. Surely it is so that in order to solve a problem one must first identify the problem. So then, how do we get the world to recognize the greatest problem it faces in the first place?

   Concurrently, we must also question how, if so we could get the world to become aware of its enemy, how too might we get the world to overcome this enemy by its strength alone? Insofar as Satan is certainly formidable having power far greater than men. This must mean overcoming Satan additionally requires a strength which is greater than the strength of men. As fortune would have it, even if Satan’s power vastly supersedes that of our own, his power in no way can match the power of God.

I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.

-Luke 10:18

   So then, if we could get humanity to acknowledge the existence of Satan, how also could we get the world to come to the realization of God such that we may all draw upon His strength? In our blindness, how may we see the truth in the light and submit ourselves, as any lesser thing must do before any greater thing which compels, to the one true righteous God? Isn’t a fact that a blind person can neither see the brightness of day, nor the darkness of night, but can still know each by the radiant warmth of the sun and the cold chill of earth’s shadow? Consequently, it must be true that if we are willing to use our full sense of perception, we may then rightfully perceive the greater forces that exist.

   In earnest, may we all become so observant. However, what good would it do if we are not willing to give ourselves over to God and His instruction? Truly, getting a person to submit to God should be like getting an ant to submit to a sugar cube; unfortunately, causing great conflict for many of us, is the fact that we are often far too zealous in our pride. As such, in great numbers, we people would much rather scurry, through and over one another, for specs of sweetness to claim as our own – in contrast to – seeking the much greater abundance of God. In doing so, we unwittingly aspire to rebuke the very cube where each grain had loosened. Sadly, it is simply in our nature to praise the fallen grains with our mouths and to forsake the cube, which the grains had fallen from, with our hearts.

   For those of us full in ignorance and self-serving desires, it makes little difference to us if our volume is that of a teacup. We will trust in our little portion all the way until we stumble and it all pours out. It furthermore makes little difference to us, if so we simply add our little portion into the ocean of life, that we may, in turn, become likewise as full as an ocean. It is simply too hard for us to practice such a humiliating exchange. So then, we will impudently refuse to do so until our cup becomes empty, and we have nothing left to pour in offering.

   How then might we, when we fall victim to this way of thinking, ever know of the ways of our Lord? For there is neither a man-made logic which can substitute for His establishment of faith, nor is there any amount of reason which may add to His sum. How so might us, who imagine ourselves as having out-thought our need to believe, seek the wisdom of the one we have denied?

   As we wait for our great sign, do we not know of the signs which we have already overlooked? Do we sincerely believe the Lord of lords acts as vainly as we do? If we possess such a hardened heart to trick ourselves to believe in prosperity without Him, how then might we seek the fullness of prosperity which comes by being in Him? How then might us, who had hated our Lord so much so as to deny even His existence, repent of our contempt such that we may have His light and wisdom once and forever?

   These things are certainly greatly worth wondering about, but the means of our Lord are greater than the ways of ourselves. Therefore we have seen how He is not purely the God of the elect. In truth, He makes a path for each person to be with Him forever, and He, before us all, comes as the God of love and mercy. As we see in scripture, His plan for salvation was also made for the sake of those who crucified Him. When He died on the cross, He did it for both the faithful and the unfaithful, the righteous and the sinner.

   By this narrative we say, in such great love, the Lord gave His life in ransom for the entire world. In such great love, He gave His life in ransom for the most disbelieving and blind as well. As He did so, He gave each and every one a veritable path to eternal life living in His eternal kingdom. So forth, may we each know our Holy creator and live by Him who has set out, with His own well-being at stake, our salvation.  As it is, only then might evil be put to rest, and we may have true peace in the world.

– Continue to Chapter 10 – 



“A Reflection on God, Satan, and the World” © 2016 ML Ainsworth


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