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In the final section of this book, the included chapters will contain a few messages that are highly ecclesiastical in nature and are intended solely for a Christian audience. As the message of this book is not about religious conversion, let the reader understand this section of the book deviates from the generalized perspective described in the previous chapter. Whereas in the previous two sections we were exploring a modified and more inclusive perspective on Christianity, here we will see messages solely directed towards those of the Christian faith.

For these purposes the following chapters will supplement the aforementioned material, while purely in the subjective reference of Christianity. Please keep in mind that these written works are merely an attempt of one person to express their personal faith to those of the same family of faith. The ultimate purpose remains the same however, as each chapter of this book, in its own way, is searching for means to intrinsically motivate various groups of people towards building a better world.

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Fundamental Christian Practice


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