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   Please understand that I strongly stand behind every single word I say. So forth, the thing I personally most aspire towards is planting seeds of truth in the world. As a result, my greatest preference for support is collaboration and group based efforts that enhance the world-view of our times. However, financial support can really help promote the message as well, further the understanding of the Bible’s words, and it can really help develop the necessary infrastructure to alter our cultural direction in a significant and positive way. 

   With that being said, know that all money made on behalf of this book will go directly back into promoting the book and its messages, so as to best increase its impact in the world. 

  Whichever way you may wish to do in support, your help is much needed and equally appreciated.

Purchase the book

   Whether you prefer digital or paperback, we got you covered. You may purchase your copy, thereby supporting its message in the world, by directly ordering from Amazon. Note, that the books are sold at cost, and are intended solely to promote the overall message of the book.


   For those who want to directly support our specific efforts to promote the teachings of the Bible, this is currently the only option to financially contribute. Currently, direct contributions solely go toward the printing of this book for promotional benefits.


   The final means of support, and equally valuable, is also by offering feedback on the book and it’s content, or by offering feedback on how to improve our website. It’s very important to us to understand if there is a difference in the message we are intending and what is actually getting across to the reader. If you have ideas for working together on projects, please feel free to contact us personally by following the contact link below.

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